OBJECTIVES: The EMRadMet course deals with electrodynamics fundamentals and radar meteorology from modelling, system and application perspective. Main goals are: 1) to introduce the classical electromagnetic vector field theory and its main theorems; 2) to derive properties of plane and spherical waves and the related reflection and refraction phenomena; 3) to provide the basics of electromagnetic radiation theory, radiopropagation and particle scattering; 4) to provide the basics of clouds and precipitation microphysics and the related radar observables; 5) to describe the microwave Doppler polarimetric radar sensor principles and basic equations; 6) to illustrate the main applications of radar meteorology and data processing - TEACHING: 60 h (45 h lectures + 15 h exercise/laboratory) - PREREQUISITES: Physics, Algebra, Calculus, Programming - LANGUAGE AND METHOD: English & Lectures, exercises and homeworks - ASSESSMENT: Oral examination and optional report on a selected topic.

MEETING: Wednesday h. 15:00 at Dip. Ingegneria dell'Informazione (DIET), Via Eudossiana 18, 00184 Roma, tel. 06.44585847 - CONTACTS: frank.marzano@uniroma1.it, tel. 320.4357254 - WEBSITE: https://cispio.diet.uniroma1.it/marzano/RadarMeteorology.htm